Lindsay Lohan has not moved on From Egor Tarabasov Split

It seems that Lindsay Lohan continues to wear the engagement ring she received from her former boyfriend Egor Tarabasov. The famous actress was once again spotted with her impressive ring on, although she and Egor are said to have separated quite some time ago. 

So, Lindsay has recently shared a photo on Instagram, showing off her emerald ring from ex-fiance Egor Tarabasov. Lindsay shared the photo on her Instagram on Sunday. Lindsay has not shared anything about her reasons in still wearing the ring, but it has previously been claimed that the star still hopes that she and Egor will finally make things work.

Lindsay and Egor got engaged earlier this year and ended things after a highly publicized scandal. Lindsay actually accused her boyfriend of cheating on her and shared a series of strange messages on social media. She claimed that Egor tried to kill her and she even said that she was pregnant, although the claim proved to be untrue. After the fight, the young actress went on a vacation away from the scandal, but several people claimed that she still wanted to make things work with Egor. 

It seems that this has not happened until now, but maybe Lindsay has not lost all hope and this is the reason why she keeps on wearing her engagement ring. However, exactly what Lindsay has to say about the romance might be revealed soon. TMZ has recently reported that Lindsay Lohan plans on talking about Egor during an interview with Russia’s Pust Govoryat. And she plans on making it worth. 

TMZ reported that the actress wants no less than 500,000 British pounds to talk about this romance, as well as a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Lindsay surely has a lot of demands to talk about her former boyfriend. Pust Govoryat invited the actress for the interview and asked her to send a list of demands. And Lindsay did so, sending some really extravagant requests. The star wants a private jet, a personal security team and a Ritz-Carlton penthouse suite, among other things. The star is said to still be negotiating with the Russian show. 

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