Lindsay Lohan gets new tattoo

Actress Lindsay Lohan gets a new tattoo. The design features Billy Joel’s lyrics. The blonde decorated  the right side of her rib cage with lyrics from the song  called “I Go To Extremes”, released in 1989, reports TMZ.

After being released from house arrest one month ago, Hollywood blonde diva Lindsay Lohan did not come out in the spotlight with any projects of her own 9 we mean besides the ones dictated by the judge). However, she is set to appear in the movie “Gotti: In The Shadow of My Father”, which starts shooting this fall.

So at present, she has enough time to put a thought into what she could add to her rebellious image that she carefully constructed in the past years. And she came up with an idea that suits her just fine: she got a new tattoo. According to TMZ the actress visited her favorite tattoo studio in Los Angeles, Shamrock tattoos and inked two lyrics on her skin. The lyrics come from a song belonging to artist Billy Joel – “I Go To Extremes”. The song was released over two decades ago, in 1989, but the message apparently serves to some, these days.
The lyrics say “Clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife / I feel like I’m in the prime of my life”.

The news about Lindsay Lohan’s new tattoo was first published by TMZ, which also posted the first photo of the ink art. Asking why she got the tattoo and what significance it had for her, TMZ was told that she felt that the text is a perfect expression for the place she is in at the moment. “It represented where she is in life and everything she’s been through … it signifies that she’s focused”, came the response.

Lohan still needs to complete her community work hours, which were part of the sentence received for a probation violation in the jewelry stealing case. In an interview to Life & Style magazine, given while on house arrest, Lohan stated that she is career-focused and wants to give her best from now on: “I do understand that I need to gain some of the respect back, but I’m willing to work hard for that.”

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