Lindsay Lohan Ends Formal Probation

Actress Lindsay Lohan ended her formal probation on Thursday when Judge Stephanie Sautner acknowledged that the “Mean Girls” star completed her sentence. The trial was held in the same Los Angeles court where the actress was judged before.

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to one year of community service in 2011 after she was arrested for driving under the influence. At first, the actress was not able to fulfill her sentence and work at the morgue, but she managed to pull it off, in the end. Or at least, this is was the conclusion that Judge Stephanie Sautner reached at the end of Thursday’s trial.

Sautner declared that Lohan has managed to fulfill her sentence in less than a year. Unlike the last time the two met, Judge Sautner seemed very satisfied with Lohan’s evolution in the past months. She stated that the “Mean Girls” celebrity has done everything that the authorities asked her to do. As a result, the actress has been freed from her one-year probation period.

Lindsay Lohan could not refrain from showing her happiness at the end of the trial. She exclaimed “Oh my God!” as soon as the judge delivered the news. Lohan was aware that she was risking a sentence of 270 days in jail if she had failed to complete her probation period.

Although the actress was freed of her DUI sentence, there are other legal problems she still has to solve. Lohan continues to be on probation until May 24, 2014 for the necklace theft case. Sautner reminded her of this case, as well. She told Lohan that there is only one request she needs to fulfill during this period of time, that is, to obey all rules. If the actress manages to observe the law and stay away from other legal problems, she will end this probation, too.

Judge Sautner seemed more like a mother-figure for the 25-year-old actress. She told Lohan that she understands how hard it is for her to stay out of trouble with so many people following her all over the place, but it is the disadvantage of the job she has chosen to practice. Lohan, on the other hand, thanked judge Sautner for being so fair and sincere with her.

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