Lindsay Lohan Breaks Down on her TV Show

Lindsay Lohan currently stars in a reality TV show. The troubled star seems to be so worried about how her show will evolve that she broke down after Oprah told her that she needs to be more committed.

Lindsay is the new reality show at OWN TV. The show focuses on Lindsay’s trouble to get on the right track, after the rehab treatment she underwent in the past months. Oprah claimed that she believes in Lindsay, even though everyone told her that the troubled young star will not be able to stay committed to the schedule.

In the latest episode of Lindsay, Oprah talked to the actress and gave her a telling off for her relaxed behavior. It seems that Lindsay is worried that her reality show will turn into the Kardashians. “My struggle was that I signed up for something, for just a camera to be there, not a reality show,” Lindsay said.

“No offence to the Kardashians, they do a great job with theirs, but I don’t ever want to be that,” she added. Oprah was not very happy with what Lindsay had to say, so the star paid the diva a visit to her mom’s house. “You need to cut the bull**** you really do,” the famous television show host told the popular actress. Oprah also added that Lindsay has to prove everyone wrong now and she needs to be committed to do so.

“The vultures are waiting to pick your bones. And that shouldn’t frighten you that should liberate you because if I were you I wouldn’t let them have me,” Oprah told the star. Lindsay seemed to be lost, as she claimed that she is now trying to figure out how to be sane and live.

Lindsay already cancelled one day of filming, as the actress claimed that she needs time for herself. Naturally, the crew was not happy at all with Lindsay’s lack of commitment, so this is why Oprah decided to take the matter in her own hands and paid Lindsay a visit.

In the latest episode of Lindsay, fans can watch the star fighting with her personal assistant Matt Harrell.

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