Linda Hogan thought Hulk would kill her

Linda Hogan, the 51-year-old wife of actor and professional wrestler Hulk Hogan presented her autobiography on the Today Show on Tuesday, saying, among other things that at one point she thought her husband was going to kill her.

Linda Hogan divorced Hulk Hogan in 2008. Now, years after their marriage ended, she is ready to unveil some of the darkest secrets of their life together. She recently released her autobiography, called “Wrestling With the Hulk: My Life Against The Ropes”, in which she share with the public the difficult times she had to go through while sharing her life with her former husband. She accuses him of violent behavior towards her.

“[Hulk] tore my shirt. He threw lamps. He held me down on the bed with his hands around my throat during arguments, slamming doors, pounding walls” she wrote in her book, expressing her fears that someday he would cross the line: “I was always afraid he would kill me in one of his rages.” When host Matt Lauer asked if Hulk ever apologized for his violent actions, Linda replied that He did not feel remorse. , and to this day he’s never apologized for any of actions. That is something that scared me.” She also said she took action because she did not want to become a number in a statistic measurement, like Nicole Simpson.

So why didn’t Linda say anything about this before? “I was afraid to say anything,” she explained. “Had I said something, the carpet would have been pulled up underneath his career. I don’t know what my kids would have done. They were little at the time”. Linda adds that “it’s a very scary position. You don’t know how far they’re going to go. One fight can escalate and turn into something else.”

Linda blames Hulk’s behavior on the pills he was constantly on. She said that as a professional wrestler, Hulk, who’s real name is Terry Bollea, would constantly take steroids, pain pills and anti-inflammatory pills. “Combined? It makes somebody . . . you don’t know what you’re dealing with.”

Judging by the cover of her book, she is doing pretty fine right now.


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  1. I hate this woman! remember when hulk hogan (in the 80’s) would say eat your vitamins and say your prayers. he was a great role model we need more hulk hogan’s in today’s world. She is just evil and is just trying to sell a book; don’t be fooled by this old witch ! hulk hogan is the greatest and i support him all the way!

  2. Hogan was an actor, that is all. He did the “eat your vitamins” thing because it was a promotional ploy. People have to start understanding that these guys are not necessarily who they represent in front of the camera. That goes for Linda Hogan as well.

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