Linda Evangelista Says Pinault Asked Her To Terminate Pregnancy

We expect to hear news that a movie producer bought the movie rights for the scrumptious story of a very popular model, a French magnate and a child support lawsuit in New York. It does sound quite thrilling, right? Well, the story is happening as we speak, with Linda Evangelista fighting with former lover Francois-Henri Pinault in New York court over child support. Plus, the Canadian supermodel raises controversy with claim that Pinault asked her to terminate pregnancy during their love affair.

Perhaps Linda Evangelista is no longer on the cover of top magazines, or on cat walks for famous brands. But the supermodel has learnt a few things from her time under the media spotlight. The first lessons celebrities learn is how to get the media to focus on them. So, the news that Linda Evangelista is dragging French magnate Francois-Henri Pinault in court over child expenses might have missed the public eye if it weren’t for some controversy.

Age 46, Canadian super model Linda Evangelista remains a woman that knows what she wants. And at the moment, she wants lots of money. Evangelista is the mother of a five year old boy conceived in 2005, back when she was having a love affair with magnate Francois-Henri Pinault.

Their four months affair culminated with a beautiful baby boy, Augie. During the standoff in the NY court, the super model’s attorneys said that Pinault asked her to terminate the pregnancy. Obviously she refused and said she was going to raise the boy by herself. For five years that wasn’t a trouble, given that Evangelista had a very valuable contract with L’Oreal Paris, but now that the deal is off, a mom has to think about her boy’s future, right?

The supermodel wants enough money to hire a care taker, a driver and armed bodyguards around-the-clock for Augie. On top of that the super model wants Augie to have a country home and that Pinault treats the boy with the same luxury as he gives his other child.

Francois-Henri Pinault is married with actress Salma Hayek and the couple has together a daughter, Valentina. The French businessman has denied that he had asked Evangelista to terminate the pregnancy saying that he “was not involved in the decision of having a baby”. Plus, he claims he had previously offered to pay for child support.

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