Lil Wayne Scolded By Judge For Unreasonable Behavior

The Inquisitr reports that Lil Wayne was scolded by a judge after displaying an unreasonable and child-like behavior in his deposition tape. The video was made to announce that the rapper will not be present in court as a result of the health problems he experienced last week.

After being hospitalized for two seizure-attacks last week, rapper Lil Wayne created a deposition tape claiming that he won’t be able to show up in court because of his latest medical emergencies. Judges, however, were disturbed by Lil Wayne’s taped declaration and they scolded him for childish behavior.

The judge told the press that he was not impressed by the rapper’s tape; on the contrary, it gave him the impression that Wayne was mocking the court. It is up to the jury to decide whether Lil Wayne should win the case or not, but the judge thinks nobody will like the rapper’s declaration. According to TMZ, Weezy refused to answer the majority of the questions he was asked. Moreover, he showed little interest in collaborating with the members of the court because his answers were very brief.

The scold comes after a difficult week during which the rapper was hospitalized for suffering two seizures in 24 hours. The second health problem occurred while Lil was on a private jet, so the plane was forced to land in Minnesota to take the New Orleans born singer to the closest hospital.

Critics have stated that the second seizure was not real and that the rap artist claimed he was hospitalized to avoid a deposition in court. Their claims were not sustained by sound arguments; in fact, the documents provided by Lil’s doctors prove that the rapper was hospitalized on Friday and released a few hours later. 

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