Liam Neeson Gets Naked For Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Liam Neeson helped Ellen DeGeneres raise money for breast cancer research by getting naked on the show. The “Taken 2” star raised the stakes by promising the audience that he will take his bath robe off if viewers double the donated sum, according to the Inquisitr.

Liam Neeson is not only a talented actor, but also a socially active person, which is why he agreed to take part in an unprecedented show to determine people to donate money for breast cancer. The actor, who is currently promoting his new movie “Taken 2”, was invited on Ellen DeGeneres’ show on Tuesday. Much to everyone’s surprise, Neeson showed up wearing nothing but a pink robe and pink underwear.

A woman was randomly selected from the crowd to get Liam soaked from head to toe, but the actor wanted to change the rules of the game. He told Ellen, on his way to the shower booth, that he is willing to take the robe off, as well, as long as viewers agree to raise the donated sum from $10,000 to $20,000. Liam even suggested he should remove his pink underwear, as well, for bigger donations, but the comedienne rejected his proposal explaining that the show could get fined.

Liam Neeson set on a chair that was placed in the shower box while the selected woman was aiming the middle of the target with water-filled pink balloons. She managed to hit the center of the target and a large amount of water spilled on the actor getting him all wet.

Ellen DeGeneres declared at the end of the segment that Liam’s naked performance managed to gather $20,000. She further added that the daring move that the actor made on Tuesday evening raised the bar for the other celebrities who plan to do something out of the ordinary to increase donations.

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