Liam Hemsworth Reportedly Calls off Miley Cyrus Wedding

According to the latest rumors, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are dealing with some new relationship problems. The rumors indicate that Liam had actually cheated on his famous girlfriend and this is the reason why he decided to call off their upcoming wedding. 

The news was reported by Life & Style magazine, which indicated that Liam and Miley canceled their wedding plans. The report said that the famous actor had hooked up with some other girls, while Miley was away. The same report went on to add that Miley was actually in New York, filming her new Amazon series, when Liam got involved with somebody else. 

Of course, meanwhile, the young singer found out about the cheating story and was very unhappy with what her boyfriend did. The report said that Miley was heartbroken. However, according to Life & Style, the reason why Liam was unfaithful is actually linked to the fact that he was not really ready to settle down with Miley. And thus, Liam decided to call off the wedding plans. 

“He realized that he’s not ready to settle down and that Miley really isn’t the one, so he recently dumped her, just days before the wedding,” the insider claimed. “She’s heartbroken, but pissed off, too.” The source went on to add that Liam admitted to Miley his infidelity. “He and friends had gone surfing in Malibu and picked up some girls on the beach who were visiting from out of town,” the source claimed. “The girls were really hot and Liam’s buddies invited them back up to their house for some drinks and fun. That’s when things got wild.”

The source concluded that Liam was quite certain that he was not ready to spend the rest of his life with Miley, thus, there was no point in continuing with the wedding plans. Miley and Liam have not talked directly about the rumors, but, as always, Gossip Cop came to dismiss the claims. A report by the celebrity site said that the story was untrue and Liam and Miley did not call off some wedding plans. 

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