Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus Secretly Wedded?

Some new rumors claimed that Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus might have wedded. The rumors are claiming that the two stars had a secret wedding ceremony and are now a married couple. The secret wedding rumors were first reported by TMZ.

So, the rumors started when Liam was spotted with what appeared to be a suspicious wedding band on his left finger. The popular actor was spotted with the new piece of jewelry on his hand during the weekend. TMZ obtained some photos of the star which show Liam with the jewelry that really seemed to be a wedding band.

However, this is not the only curious thing that happened during the weekend. At the same time, Liam’s older brother, Chris Hemsworth, was spotted in the company of Miley’s mom, Trish. Apparently, the two were hanging out at Trish’s home in eastern Kentucky. Of course, there is no official confirmation for the moment from the famous couple.

And the rumors might actually be untrue, as some source claimed that the whole story was 100% fake. These sources said that Liam and Miley are not married yet. However, even though this report might not be confirmed in the end, we can surely say that this is not the first time when it has been claimed that Liam and Miley are planning their wedding.

In fact, ever since they announced their reconciliation at the beginning of last year, Liam and Miley have been constantly linked to wedding rumors. And the thing is that it surely seems that the relationship is going great. Miley has allegedly become more responsible because of her relationship with Liam and has left her wild partying days behind.

A series of previous reports have been linked to this, some actually saying that Liam has changed Miley so much that her friends and family worried that she was no longer true to herself. Well, regardless of the moment when a marriage will be confirmed, it definitely seems that at one point this might happen.

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