LG to Launch a Smartwatch this Year

While Samsung releases its second generation smartwatches, it seems that LG is ready to release its first smartwatch this year. 

Smartwatches have been rather popular, at least this is the experience that Samsung and Sony had on this market. The companies which dominate the smartwatches market now may find themselves in the situation to battle a new product from LG. 

LG announced their intention to launch a smartwatch model later this year. However, LG seems ready to make quite an entrance on this market, as the president of the company’s mobile communication division, Park Jong-seok, claimed that in fact, early smartwatch models have failed to prove why customers should purchase them. 

According to Park Jong-seok, what LG will do will actually be releasing a smartwatch that will be paired with a smartphone. However, when being asked, the spokesperson from LG refused to comment on the reports indicating that LG will in fact release a version of Google’s smartwatch. 

The reports were actually launched because LG already uses some of Google’s mobile products as an inspiration for its own releases. 

Still, “We’re working hard to put on the table something that other companies have not offered yet,” Park claimed. 

Well, when will this release be made and what are the features that will impress when LG will present its new product is something unclear for now. However, maybe LG should hurry to make its release, as Samsung already launched its second generation smartwatches. 

The two new smartwatch models have been presented by Samsung on Sunday, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and they surely seem great. The most interesting aspect about the device that Samsung has already unveiled is that it actually features its own operating system. 

This means that Samsung has changed Google’s Android for its own operating system in the Galaxy Gear 2. So, the two new models, Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, will both feature the Tizen operating system that Samsung developed for its smartwatches. Some analysts seem to believe that what Samsung plans on doing is to gain independence over the Android. 

Well, the smartwatch that LG plans on launching in 2014 will have an interesting competition in the Galaxy Gear. However, this segment of the market might be a new source of growth for many companies, so there is no wonder that interest is growing.

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