LG Prepares Launch For New HD Smartphone in South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – LG revealed on Monday its intentions to launch a full high-definition smartphone on the South Korean market by the end of week. The device will be sold in Japan, as well, but it will be available in Japanese stores in April.

LG Electronics is trying to improve its economic condition by launching a full HD smartphone in South Korea at the end of the week. The new model is called Optimus G Pro and will feature advanced specifications that will set the bar even higher for the rest of the smartphone manufacturers. Depending on the success that the phone will register on the South Korean company, LG Electronics plans to introduce the device on other markets, especially in Japan where the phone will be available for sale in April.

There are many specifications that have been added on the new Optimus G Pro model, the 5.5-inch high-definition screen being the most emphasized of them all. According to the spokespersons’ declaration, the screen has more than 2 million pixels, that is, twice as much as regular smartphones have.

LG will pack its new device with Google’s Android operating system as the latter seems to be much more accessible to a larger segment of the population. The camera that has been provided on the smartphone captures full high-definition videos and photos, so the company expects the upgrade to be highly appreciated by customers.

LG is not the only company that plans to upgrade its smartphones with a full HD screen. Sony Corp. and HTC Corp. have also declared that they want HD screens to be a key feature of their devices by the end of the current year. So far, this feature has only been available on television sets, but IT giants think the same technology could be used on smaller gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. The new improved screen could help LG take a stand against big companies like Apple and Samsung which have almost entirely monopolized the smartphone market.

In the end, LG Electronics declared that the Optimus G Pro will be first introduce during next week’s mobile fair that is held each year in Barcelona. The smartphone will be available for approximately $894 without a mobile carrier contract. The new model has the difficult task of elevating the reputation of the Optimus Brand which has been neglected by the company in the past years.

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