LG LMXS30786S is a high-end French door fridge

There are many refrigerators on the market, but probably the single brand that has managed to impress customers is LG. Probably, one of the most appreciated models on the market is LG LMX30772S, which is available at the price of 4,000 dollars and features LG’s “Door-in-Door” functionality.

This feature allows users to open the front panel of the right door to access condiments and beverages stored in the in-door shelves. However, these days LG has released another model which is called LG LMXS30786S.

This new model is probably the exact fridge as the previous model that was available at 4,000 dollars, with the same capacity and the same design, but is not a Door-in-Door model.

The new LG LMXS30786S retails for 300 dollars less, making it a better option at 3,700 dollars. This new refrigerator comes packed with solid performance and it seems that it doesn’t have some serious weaknesses. At this price range, LG LMXS30786S is probably one of the best options on the market, but customers should keep in mind that there are other models that can be purchased even for less. 

As for design, LG LMXS30786S comes with the same design as the predecessor. It is a 30-cubic foot-French door fridge, with 36 inches wide. This means that it is very big and can be compared with big iceboxes. Customers should be aware about its dimensions if they want to order the refrigerator from the Web. If they have a small kitchen, this model may not recommended for them.

However, those who have bought this model and managed to squeeze it into their kitchen will be happy with how spacious it is and with its high-end style. LG LMXS30786S has a stainless-steel finish, gently curved handles, it is sturdy and modern, having metallic touch controls.

There is no doubt in the fact that this model feels and looks like a premium refrigerator. Once the refrigerator is open, things are starting to look even better, because it has LED lighting, helpful features like a slide-out bottom shelf, spillproof glass shelving and recessed “EasyReach” storage compartments that are located at the front of the fridge. To be mentioned that there are also three crisper-style drawers with luxurious-looking diamond contours.

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