LG has released its new V10

LG V10 is the company’s latest product. For starters, this new device has a 5.7-inch screen size, it features two camera lenses located on the front, which are perfect for selfies and an always-on strip of a screen above the main screen for shortcuts. 

All these new features are built to help LG win the battle with Motorola, Apple, Sony, Samsung or OnePlus. LG has also announced that the new LG V10 will start a line of handsets that are aimed to beat the success that LG G4 had. To be added that LG V10 is larger than G4 and it is made of all metal and not plastic.

At the moment, LG has not announced V10’s price, but considering that it comes with a second front-facing camera lens, this device will not be cheap. LG V10 also comes with a second screen, which is more like strip. This second screen will allow users to scroll through headlines or use shortcuts for apps. This tiny strip can be found at the top right edge of the display and will also allow users to customize it with limited supply of contacts, shortcuts and many other. 

The second screen can be compared with the edge of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, but it isn’t exactly like it. To be mentioned that when the main screen goes off, the mini toolbar is always on by default, but users can opt to turn it off. LG declared that this new mini toolbar sucks approximately 5 perfect of the battery.

However, the mini toolbar will go off when the user will put the device into pocket. However, LG has declared that this new second screen will extend the battery if the owner will use it properly. For example, for checking out emails, time or weather, owners can use the second screen rather than lighting up the entire display. As for double selfies, this phone has two 5-megapixel front-facing camera lenses syde-by-side, which are perfect for taking a photo for yourself or a 120-degree photo for the entire group of friends.

The new V10 comes with a 1.8GHz six-core Snapdragon 808 processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. There is also a 3,000mAh battery and a fingerprint sensor situated in the power button. 

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