LG EG9600 is probably the King of TVs

LG EG9600 is probably the best television that exists on the market at this moment. Last year, the best TV that that was released until that moment was LG 55EC9300, but this year LG comes with a new TV. LG EG9600 is also more expensive than the previous model, but is also better. 

LG’s 2015 OLED TV comes packed with a 4K resolution and many other tweaks that makes this TV an extraordinary device.

Even if we compare it with the previous and we realize that its design is similar, this TV is way better than any other TV on the market. 

The main fact that makes the LG EG9600 a very good TV is the OLED. It is well-known that organic light-emitting diode displays have been used in small phone screens for years, but unfortunately they are still hard to find and way more expensive in TV-caliber sizes. 

To be mentioned that OLED TVs are very different from LCD TVs, which are dominating the market today, because they can produce a perfect shade of black that results in truly infinite contrast ratio and also delivers a better image quality. Putting an OLED TV next on LCD, people will notice a huge difference. In other words, OLED TVs are way better than LCD TVs. However, coming packed with extra resolution of 4K increases costs, meaning that LG EG9600 is available at the price of almost 8,999 dollars. 

To be said that the previous version 55EC9300, featuring a 1080p resolution, will still continue to be on the market and the good news is that it will be at almost half the price. But, for customers who are willing to spend a huge amount of money on a 4K version at 55 inches TV, they can buy the LG EG9600. 

It is true that this model comes with an extraordinary design and users who want to wall-mount this TV will need to buy a special wall bracket, OTW150, at the price of 99 dollars. It seems that this TV doesn’t work with standard VESA mounting kits. However, LG EG9600 also comes packed with a stand, featuring a solid feeling with a silver base curved to match the TV.

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