LG EF9500, one of the best high-end TVs on the market

Probably, at this moment, the new LG EF9500 is the best 65-inch TV on the market. However, customers could also opt for the flat version, which is the LG 65EF9500. Therefore, flat vs curved is more of an aesthetic decision, but of course it depends on everyone’s taste. 

Well, these days, LG has released a new TV called LG EF9500, which will definitely be a huge hit on the market. This new TV comes with some interesting specs, a great design and delivers an astonishing image.

This new TV looks incredible even when the picture is off. The new LG EF9500 comes with a similar narrow border around the screen, from this perspective being quite the same as its curved linemate. However, the curved version probably looks a little bit more futuristic, but for users who want to mount it on a wall, the flat TV surely looks better. 

Around the rim, the TV comes with a sliver of silver which is barely visible and the only other adornment that this TV has is the LG logo situated into a mirror semicircle on the bottom. Users can dim or turn off the LG logo and if they reach behind it, they will find a little joystick that provides input control, menu access and volume control. 

The top half of the new LG EF9500 is 0.25 inch thick, which is quite impressive. However, this TV is not as slim as Sony’s 0.2-inch XBR-X900C. Therefore, the inputs and a power supply need a thicker bulge, so the bottom of this TV measures approximately 2 inches wide. Customers who buys this TV will also need a special bracket if they want to wall-mount it. Unfortunately, LG EF9500 doesn’t work with standard VESA mounting kits, unlike many other TVs. In conclusion, this TV needs a special bracket, model OTW150, which costs approximately 99 dollars. 

As for LG’s Magic Remote, this is bigger and better compared with its predecessors. As we know, Samsung has the best remotes on the market, but LG is coming fast from behind. So, the LG Magic Remote is pretty good, it has a motion control that feels more precise in hand and it is very responsive. There are a lot more buttons than before, including a much-appreciated settings key and a numeric keypad.

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