Levi Johnston Is Excited About Girlfriend Being Pregnant

You might remember Levi Johnston’s name since the last presidential elections. No, he wasn’t a candidate for the White House office. He used to not only date but be in the spotlight as Bristol Palin’s fiancé, daughter of Sarah Palin. Now, Levi Johnston has a 21 year old girlfriend and confesses he is quite excited about their unplanned pregnancy.

At quite a young age, Levi Johnston (21) is preparing to be a father for the second time and it’s not like the first time things went so great. Levi Johnston already has a son with Bristol Palin and their love story wasn’t exactly solid environment to raise a child. In 2008, when Bristol’s mom was under the spotlight thanks to her participation in the presidential race, Levi and her had a baby boy.

At that time they were engaged, but that didn’t last. In March 2009 everything was called off, only to get engaged once again one year later in July 2010. Weeks later they split again. Plus, as Johnston himself confessed in his book “Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs”, published two years ago, Bristol Palin wanted to have a baby because she was jealous of her own mother’s pregnancy.

“Bristol wanted to have a baby. It all happened on purpose, and I was dumb enough just to roll with hit” he writes in his book.

With that history it’s likely that Levi Johnston is either the right man at the right time, or an incredibly unlucky man. However he told the media that his now girlfriend’s pregnancy is quite exciting.

Johnston’s now girlfriend isn’t as famous as Bristol Palin was, but at 20 years old she’s a preschool teacher about to haw a baby with a man that has his own rep and a failed fatherhood behind him. Sunny Oglesby is the name of the mother to be and according to TMZ reports, “she’s in the very early stages of pregnancy – less than 3 months”.

Meanwhile, we can’t just not mention that the happy and excited to be parents have been dating for a year and something or not wonder if in two years Johnston will publish another book talking about the hardships of being blinded by love.

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