Leonardo DiCaprio Wins Lawsuit over Rihanna Pregnancy Rumors

Famous singer Rihanna and actor Leonardo DiCaprio have been rumored to be dating for several weeks. The pair was spotted together on various occasions, so there was no wonder that such rumors emerged. Well, it seems that if the pair ever dated they ended their romance, as Rihanna is now said to be dating Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton. 

Well, among the things previously claimed about Rihanna and Leo was the fact that the two stars were allegedly expecting a child. The pregnancy rumor launched by a French magazine was false and the famous actor decided to take this case to court. Reportedly, the Hollywood star was extremely upset with the claims made by the magazine, so angry that he actually decided to file a lawsuit against it. 

And it seems that the popular actor was right in filing the legal proceedings. A Gossip Cop report claimed that Leonardo won the case and was awarded $8,800 in damages and legal fees. Of course, Leo didn’t file the case for the monetary damage he was seeking, but naturally he just wanted to prove his claims that the magazine made some false statements. 

Moreover, Leo was suing because the magazine had used his imagine, which is something prohibited by the French privacy laws. The magazine violated the law by publishing information about Leo’s personal life and using pictures of him that were captured by the paparazzi on the street. 

Well, the magazine was not happy with the decision. Its owner claimed that the report was based on the presumption that Rihanna was pregnant, although they couldn’t have known for sure. However, he said that he wasn’t shocked with the decision, claiming that the ruling was something expected. “We were totally expecting this decision, since in France when any magazine speaks about a celebrity’s private life the magazine is automatically condemned,” the statement said. 

Well, if Rihanna is now rumored to be dating someone else, it seems that Leonardo has been more focused on his acting career lately. The star is said to be working at a new project with no one else than the highly successful Martin Scorsese.

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