Leonard Cohen to release new album

Musician and writer Leonard Cohen is going to release a new album, according to his representative. The news was released on Tuesday, announcing that the project, called “Old Ideas”, will be presented to the fans in January 2011, Reuters reports.

Leonard Cohen is back! It’s been eight years since the singer has released his last album. In 2008 has started a world tour, which included 31 countries and lasted about two years. Now, in 2011, the musician is ready to get back in the studio. “Old Ideas” is a collection of songs that express Cohen’s thoughts of love, sexuality, hope, loss and death and is described as being very spiritual. It will include ten songs, which capture the artistic harvest of 40 years of making music.

 The idea of a new album, after such a long pause from the recording studio, came to Cohen and his team after seeing how much of a success his world tour was. The critics had only great words for the music veteran’s performances. The recordings for “Old Stories” have already begun this year and Cohen has already performed the early versions of some of the tracks, such as “Lullaby” and “The Darkness”.
Leonard Cohen is not exactly the music star’s portrait that we’d expect. At 77 years old, Cohen is best known for his heart-touching songs “My Secret Life”, “Hallelujah” and his cover of “Dance Me To The End Of Love”. In the mid ‘90s, he decided to take a break from the world and retire in the Oriental spirituality, becoming a Buddhist monk.
“Old Ideas” comes as a coronation of all his talents brought together: singing, writing, composing and drawing. The design of the cover is Cohen’s as well.
The album is set for release next year, on January 31.

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