Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with AnyPen

With this new release, users can say goodbye to the thought of losing their stylus. The new Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 comes with AnyPen technology, which means that any metal object can be used as a stylus. Eight-inch Windows tablets that pack the perk of stylus are not so many, so Lenovo’s new device will be far ahead of its competition. 

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 starts at 299 dollars and features a useful and ergonomic design that feels very comfortable in hands. Like any other Lenovo Yoga tablet, this 8-inch Windows model comes with a built-in kickstand which can be used for comfortable positions, like placing it on a desk or hold it in your hand.

However, the average performance is not so impressive, but for everyday use, the price is acceptable. For users who are enjoying using a stylus, this tablet is probably the most stylus-friendly and portable tablet on the market. To be mentioned that this tablet could not replace a desktop PC, because its screen is way too small to run Windows 8 comfortably. 

Its design is not that unique, because Lenovo’s line of Yoga tablets are very similar, but compared with other 8-inch Windows models, this tablet is exceptionally distinct. Its interesting design makes holding the tablet in one hand ergonomically comfortable and the built-in kickstand on the back will help prop up the device for easy hands-free video streaming or for a more comfortable writing angle.

The power button is placed at the right end of the chunky spine, with Micro-USB port and volume rocker above it. On the opposite end of the spine, users will find the headphone jack and the Windows button placed atop of it. The rear camera can be found on the left-rear edge of the spine.

The connection options are limited on this tablet. Yoga Tablet 2 comes with a Micro-USB port and a microSD card slot placed in the built-in kickstand. It doesn’t include a keyboard dock, meaning that users will be forced to opt for a universal Bluetooth keyboard. Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 is powered by Intel Z3745, accompanied by 2GB of Ram and 32GB of internal storage that can be expand up to 64GB via microSD.

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