Lenovo Wants to Close IBM Server Deal

It seems that Lenovo is still much interested in closing the deal with IBM. Consequently, the company still expects for the server deal to be completed soon. The deal has been under the radar, as there might be some security risks associated to it. 

Lenovo wants to acquire International Business Machines Corp’s IBM low end sever business. The deal is expected to be closed by the end of the year. This delay has actually determined an investigation from the US government, linked to some possible national-security risks. The risks that are associated to this case are actually determined by the fact that some of the servers that are used by the US government might turn out being very simple to access by Chinese hackers. 

Lenovo actually has two important acquisitions in its plans this year. The famous company plans on buying this lower-end server unit of IBM, but it also plans on purchasing Motorola Mobility. Both these deals were announced in February, but none of them has been closed yet. Reps from Lenovo said that these two important deals will be closed by the end of the year. The company’s reps also claimed that Lenovo’s plans have not changed. 

Reps of the company revealed nothing on the security concerns linked to the deal with IBM. “If you look at our history, with domestic and overseas clients, there have never been any issues regarding security,” Lenovo’s Chief Executive said. No security problems have been traced at this point. However, the risk becomes higher if the delay will be extended on a longer period of time. 

Lenovo currently is the leader on the PC market, being the largest PC maker in the world. The famous company is waiting for the approval to purchase these companies. This is not the first time when the famous company deals with such a problem. When Lenovo purchased the IBM PC business back in 2005, it actually faced almost the same issues. 

In fact, commonly when it comes to such deals, there always are some sensitive areas and a lot of concerns. This new IBM and Lenovo deal is without a doubt a sensitive subject. 

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