Lenovo Unveils Improved ThinkPad

Lenovo unveiled the improved version of ThinkPad on Monday. The new notebook, which is lighter and faster than the previous versions, will go on sale next month in China, according to a recent report published by Washington Post.

The Chinese maker took the decision to produce a new model of ThinkPad notebook called X1 Carbon due to the interest that customers have shown in these types of products. The latest version is said to feature improved technology that makes ThinkPad X1 Carbon a lot lighter and faster. Those who want to purchase the notebook will have to wait until next month when Lenovo will release it on the market.

ThinkPad combines the technology of the smartphones and tablets with the functionality of the notebook. Dilip Bhatia, vice president of the ThinkPad business unit, told the press that customers have constantly expressed their need for a product that is as easy to use as a tablet, but offers a wider range of functions like in the case of the notebook. Nowadays, products have to be increasingly thinner and faster, Bhatia explained.

This year’s model has been significantly improved in comparison with the one that was released last year. Although it is still 14-inch long, the laptop’s weight has been reduced from 3.7 pounds last year to 3 pounds. In addition, the battery lasts up to eight hours and the startup time takes less than 20 seconds.

Bhatia stated that the company is not afraid of tablets and smartphones’ competition. Despite the increasing popularity of tablets, people will continue to use notebooks because they can perform tasks that other devices can’t. Activities that are related to the fields of business, government and education will require the use of notebooks in the future for the completion of more complex functions. In fact, analysts estimate that notebooks will be better sold than tablets this year. They estimate that global notebook sales will reach 230 million this year, as opposed to 110 million for tablets.

In Bhatia’s opinion the following years will be characterized by a multitude of electronic devices because customers have very different needs and preferences. Thus, the clamshell format will be around for a long time.

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