Lenovo releases “smart shoes” and dual-screen smartwatch

It looks like Lenovo has made some new unveils, including the trainer with built-in screens which displays its wearer’s mood, a dual-screened smartwatch, and a smartphone with laser projector. However, these new products are not yet available on the market, but Lenovo has offered a little preview of its upcoming research projects at its TechWorld event that is held in Beijing. 

Lenovo claimed that the “Magic View” smartwatch is the first model that has two screens. The company alleged that the second screen is a virtual interactive display, which has optical reflection to create a virtual image. The famous company also said that this virtual image is 20 times larger than the watch face display. Just like a periscope, the owner can view the image by peering through a viewfinder below the main watch face. “This is the first step in the journey to transform wearables, starting with smartwatches, by dealing with that major pain point – screen size,” the chairman and CEO of Lenovo, Yang Yuanqing, claimed. “The second screen brings virtual reality to the world of smartwatches,” he added.

The company thinks that this will create a more immersive experience for users, as they will be able to view photos, watch a video or follow a map with much larger visual possibilities than what the present smartwatches can provide. For all these to be possible and to develop the smartwatch, the company is working with a high number of technical partners. Lenovo is also designing its own silicon chip to miniaturise the components without sacrificing performance. 

Lenovo also released a new concept smartphone named Smart Cast. This new device comes with a built-in laser projector and an infrared motion detector, which allow owners to project a large virtual touchscreen onto a plat surface to type with a virtual keyboard. Lenovo declared that this phone could also be used to video chat while viewing different content simultaneously on the smartphone’s screen, playing games or project films onto a wall.

And the last release from Lenovo is called “smart shoes.” These pair of trainers are coming with built-in screen that display the user’s mood, along other features like tracking and analyzing fitness data, such as calorie consumption, heartbeat and providing maps.

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