Lenovo Purchases Mobile-related patents for $100 Million

Lenovo is interested in buying the patents related to 3G and 4G technologies. The purchase will be made from Unwired Planet, which is a company from the United States. 

The purchase is said to cost no less than $100 million. It has been reported that the reason why Lenovo decided to invest in this project is actually linked to their desire to invest more in the smartphone and mobile business in new markets. 

The success of Lenovo is undeniable nowadays, the company actually being the largest PC maker in the world, at the moment. Lenovo seems to be interested in investing in more possibilities of development and this is why they decided to make this purchase. Lenovo might also be willing to invest in computer servers, as well as storage systems. 

The new purchase “will serve the company well as we grow and develop our world-wide smartphone and mobile PC Plus business in new markets,” Jay Clemens of Lenovo claimed in a statement. Although the deal has been reached, it will only be closed in about 30 days. 

Lenovo was never afraid to say that they are looking for opportunities of expansion. The company claimed earlier this year that they are investing in growth. Only last month, Lenovo has closed deals worth $5 billion. 

These actually include two deals. One is for International Business Machines Corp, which is a deal that has cost Lenovo no less than $2.3 billion, while the other is for Google Inc.’s Motorola Mobility, which has cost the company $2.92 billion. Lenovo purchased Motorola from Google and the company will start investing in smartphones, as well. 

Lenovo is without a doubt in the middle of a growth process and the company has great chances to become an important presence on the smartphone market, too, with Motorola, while on the PC market, Lenovo already is extremely popular. Moreover, it is said that the deal with Motorola will actually help the company shield itself from patent-related lawsuits, which have affected the company in the past few years. The acquisition of Motorola will help the company gain access to Google’s own patent portfolio. 

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