Lenovo Drops Prices For Ultrabooks

Earlier this year, it had become clear that the focus in the IT business is for very, very thin gadgets. However, the thinner they are, the more money you have to wire from your bank account. Lenovo is just one of the companies betting on this particular design this year and its new IdeaPad ultrabooks are going to sell under the ordinary $800 price tag.

Every now and then, companies fighting for a market share in the United States have all sorts of discounts and offers to bring in costumers. Not many have delivered the hoped result and chances are Lenovo’s upcoming ultrabooks will have the same faith, even if they crack the $800 price tag.

There are a lot of expensive technologies that need to be fitted appropriately into an ultrabook. That and the novelty of the gadget have boosted prices in this particular market segment to over $800. Lenovo believes it can market its new IdeaPad ultrabooks under this price barried for two particular reasons.

Peter Hortensius is product chief at Lenovo. He explained that the market of ultrabooks will undergo a major shift over the upcoming months. For starters, the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS will make the ultrabook designs very appealing for users interested in the touch-based interface.

“Windows 8…enables a bunch of new capabilities. It enables a new segment. Historically when you look at transitions, consumers switch quickly because they want the latest and the greatest” said Hortensius.

The truth is that Lenovo’s upcoming ultrabooks are very appealing. At a price tag of $749, the gadgets come with Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors, lengthier battery life and fast reaction time. Take for instance the U310. It is an ultrabook 18mm thick and has only 1.7 kilograms in weight. It provides 500GB of storage on the hard-drive and can support about 4GB DDR3 memory.

All the new IdeaPads from Lenovo have a variety of  colors, anti theft options as well as power management thanks to the Lenovo EnhancedExperience 3 function.

Hortensius explains this is just the beginning. “We are bullish on where these kinds of products will go. They will come in the sub-$800 category so they will be much more affordable”.

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