Lenny Dykstra sentenced to 3 years in prison

Ex-New York Mets outfielder Lenny Dykstra was sentenced to 3 years in prison on Monday after being found guilty in grand theft auto case. L.A. County Superior Court Judge Cynthia Ulfig rejected his attempt to change the no contest plea and obliged him to serve his sentence in a Californian state prison, says the Associated Press.

Dykstra was accused of planning a grand theft auto and filing false financial statements in order to use somebody else’s paperwork to steal or lease new cars. Based on the Californian laws, the former New York Mets player was facing up to a four-year sentence, but the judges charged him with only three years.
The final decision of the court was based mainly on the fact that Dykstra had planned every single move of the theft and that he showed no remorse for his victims. Judge Cynthia Ulfig further stated that the baseball player’s actions were criminal even though he doesn’t consider himself to be a felon. The sentence was pronounced after Dykstra’s lawyer tried to convince the court to give his client a chance to prove his innocence. Ulfig, however, decided that Dykstra had plenty of opportunities to show that he is innocent during the trial, so she sentenced him to three years in prison.

The former outfielder requested permission to address the court, but his speech was not very convincing. He admitted that he did things that he was not proud of; nevertheless, he was not a criminal and he shouldn’t be regarded as such. He also expressed apologies to his family telling judge Ulfig that he volunteered to go to a rehab facility in order to get specialized help. Despite this, Dykstra had no chance of escaping the sentence because he caused too many damages, such as, stealing a person’s identity to lease cars.

Prosecutors told the press that Dykstra, together with his accountant Robert Hymers and his friend Christopher Gavanis provided false information and claimed credit through a phony business in order to lease expensive automobiles from several dealerships in their areas. At first, Dykstra failed to lease a new Mercedes-Benz S-550 and a new Cadillac, but in the end, he managed to obtain a Ford Flex, a Lincoln and a Ford Mustang.

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