Learn more about Toshiba Q300 SSD

Known on the market as a solid-state drive, the new Toshiba Q300 SSD promised to be a strong competitor on the market. This new drive will probably compete directly with the newest Plextor M6V, which is cheaper and offers fast performance. 

Unfortunately, the new Toshiba Q300 has some flaws, and the biggest one is that it comes at a pretty expensive price. Besides the price, the Q300 also has slow performances compared with other SSDs on its price range.

So, the new Toshiba Q300 is available in four versions: 120GB, 240GB, 48-GB and 960GB and the prices are 99.99 dollars, 159.99 dollars, 309.99 dollars and 449.99 dollars respectively.

This means that the Q300 is one of the most expensive SSDs that are now available on the market. Customers could say that this SSD is more expensive than other high-end drives. 

Moreover, Toshiba Q300 doesn’t come with some interesting features and the short three-year warranty will probably make some customers unhappy. However, this doesn’t mean that Toshiba Q300 SSD is a bad product and doesn’t offer a good quality built to users. This SSD has a decent performance and without a doubt, that will boost the performance of a desktop computer that runs on a typical hard drive. 

So, probably the best thing for customers is to wait a short period of time, because probably the prices will come down and the device will become a great deal. As for design, this new SSD is a standard internal SATA drive, meaning that it has a 2.5-inch design and homes a SATA port on one of its sides. Therefore, like all traditional SSDs, this one also supports the latest SATA 3, but will also work with SATA and SATA 2. To be added that this SSD is 7mm thick, but in the package users will find a 2.5mm spacer that will fit perfectly into the space of a standard 9.5mm laptop hard drive.

As it was mentioned before, the new Toshiba Q300 comes with a three-year warranty, which is probably a little bit short, knowing that fact that it has such an expensive price.  

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