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For more than two years, Pebble has released some interesting watches that have gained some success on the market.

Even if these watches are not coming with high specs and are not built from expensive materials, they are very successful and won a front place on the smartwatches market. 

Moreover, Pebble watches are easily recognizable due to their amazing battery life that can get over a week on a single charge.

Another interesting feature is that users can swim and shower with it. Now, if these specs have not convinced customers, there are many other features that will sure do. 

Now, the new Pebble Time Round comes with a surprisingly twist of features. Why? Well, it looks like this new watch has given up the things that made these watches so unique. The new watch comes with a sharp design and a super-slim body. The worst thing is that its battery has been reduced to approximately two days on charge, which will be a huge disappointment among Pebble fans. 

In the end, the new Pebble Time Round will not be able to run all the apps that other devices from this brand can. However, this new Pebble Time Round is without a doubt the lightest, thinnest and most comfortable Pebble watch released until now. 

To be added that the new Pebble Time Round is the third watch that was released by this company. However, the Pebble Time Round is part of the same family as the Pebble Time Steel and Pebble Time, so clients will probably choose this watch just for its round shape. 

So, if clients want to choose the round design, they will have to pay 250 dollars. It is not a very expensive price, especially for customers who value style over battery or full app compatibility. This doesn’t mean that the new Pebble Time Round software is limited, because it is functional, more simple and elegant. Therefore, the Pebble software looks like getting better, receiving notifications from the user’s phone and staying up until dismissed. 

The new Pebble Time Round is made from a stainless steel body and has anti-glare Gorilla Glass-covered display that is pretty great.

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