Leaked video shows Windows Phone 8 details

Analysts were able to get their hands on a leaked video which reveals details about the much-awaited Windows Phone 8, says CNET News. At first sight, it looks like Microsoft is doing its best to equal the success of its competing companies. Given these circumstances, the new Windows Phone 8 might contain options that will determine customers to try something else besides Android smartphones and iPhones.

Apollo, the latest phone released by the company, gives vendors the possibility to freely choose the specifications of their device. The model comes with a standard set of options that can be adapted according to the wish of the handset manufacturers. This way, they can better compete with each other thanks to their unique models.

According to the leaked video, the IT giant plans to use a platform that adds support to multicore processors. This decision surprised analysts as Android devices are already heading towards quad-core chips. Among other specifications that Microsoft will include in its standard version are four different screen resolutions, a removable microSD card, and near-field communication which is vital for mobile payments.

The phone will also integrate a Windows 8 desktop and tablet operating system. This way, developers’ work will be facilitated because they will be able to take the codes they create for one platform and move them on the other.

Many applications will be available at the launching of the Windows Phone 8, whereas Skype will play a big role in the operating system. Analysts estimate that their number will amount to 100,000. The native code support that will be introduced on the device will enable some applications to be more integrated into the phone.

Since Microsoft has always been a strong supporter of companies, the new device will be endowed with many other business-friendly features. Thus, businessmen will be able to build their own proprietary apps into the phone and to encrypt their documents.

The new platform will feature improved data traffic. The Internet pages will be fed to Internet Explorer 10 with the help of the Wi-Fi and the proxy servers.

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