Leaked Nude Photos do not Belong to Hilary Duff

A rep for Hilary Duff has claimed that the nude photos showing the beautiful actress, which have been leaked on the Internet, last week, do not belong to her. So, Hilary’s name was also involved in the celebrity leaked nude scandal. 

Last week, a series of stars were affected by this nude photo leak scandal. So, on Friday, numerous explicit photos of famous stars surfaced on the Internet. Some of these pictures were said to belong to the talented actress. However, it seems that they were just fakes, at least this is what a rep for Hilary claimed. TMZ reported that the star’s rep hurried to say that the pics are not Hilary’s immediately after they surfaced online. 

So, the rep analyzed the pics and concluded that the actress is not in them. The rep said that the actress has some defining birthmarks and tattoos that are not shown in the pictures. Still, Hilary was extremely upset with this whole situation. She actually went to notify the FBI on the case. “FBI has been alerted that these photos are fake,” the rep said. 

Other celebrities who have been affected by this situation include Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Dunst, Kate Upton, Becca Tobin, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Kaley Cuoco. All these stars claimed that personal and private photos were stolen from them by hackers and revealed online. It has been claimed that intimate photos of other female stars are in the possession of the hackers, including pics of Lea Michele, Teresa Palmer and Krysten Ritter. 

Following the hackers’ attack on these celebrities, it had been claimed that it was all caused by a security breach in the iCloud system. However, Apple said that this is impossible, as there is no breach in its system. The famous company said that hackers simply targeted the accounts in discussion. 

Moreover, Apple found a solution to reduce the risk of future similar situations to happen. The famous company claimed that they will send email alerts and notifications when users attempt to change passwords or access data from a new device, for the first time.  “We want to do everything we can do to protect our customers, because we are as outraged if not more so than they are,” Tim Cook claimed.

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