Lea Michele Spotted with New Boyfriend

Lea Michele is not afraid to show off her new boyfriend. This new relationship has created a series of headlines in the past few weeks. Well, it seems that Lea is not ashamed at all to be spotted with her new lover. 

Lea Michele has been under the radar for dating a former gigolo. But, it seems that the actress doesn’t care about what people say. So, probably things are becoming more serious between Lea and her boyfriend. And the star is not afraid to show it. Still, some sources reveal that the two plan on taking the romance slowly. 

“They’re dating! Nothing too serious but they’re really happy. They have a very honest and open type of relationship. They share everything and support each other in any way possible,” a source claimed according to ABC News. Maybe, Lea needs more space and time to be able to get over the fact that she lost her former boyfriend, Cory Monteith. 

Actually, Cory passed away last year, which has been an extremely difficult time for the famous star. It has been claimed that Monteith suffered from drug addiction for years. He died at the age of only 31, after overdosing. Naturally, Lea needed time to be able to overcome this moment. 

The same source claimed that Lea is now very happy in this new relationship. “He’s very calm but also very protective and he’s very doting of her. They’re a great team,” the source added referring to the star’s new boyfriend. 

Lea Michele and her new boyfriend actually met on the set of On My Way music video, earlier this year. Since that moment, the two seemed to be quite happy together. In fact, Lea seems to be in a good place now. The beautiful star said that she is trying to have a balanced organic diet, reduce stress and avoid all kind of unhealthy habits. Moreover, the actress remains modest. During her recent interview, she said that having a lovely family is the most important fortune for everyone.

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