Lea Michele: “I’m Not Pregnant”

The Inquisitr reports that Lea Michele has dismissed all pregnancy rumors after a photo of her revealing what appeared to be a small baby bump gave birth to numerous online suppositions. The “Glee” star was, however, very pleased to have elicited her first pregnant rumors and gleefully shared the news with her Twitter followers.

Being most likely inspired by the recent events in “Glee”, several reporters gave Internet users many reasons to believe that Lea Michele is pregnant. The actress was photographed wearing loose-fitting clothes and gossipers suggested that she might want to mask her incipient baby bump. The “Glee” star and her reps hurried to reassure fans that the actress is not pregnant, so she will continue to play in the series.

While other celebrities tend to get annoyed by continuous pregnancy rumors, Lea Michele was amused by them. She took to Twitter to tell her followers that she has finally managed to stir reporters into saying that she is pregnant. Although the actress was enjoying the attention she was receiving from the press, her reps hurried to put an end to rumors by making an appearance at Rumors Fix.

“Glee” producers were also preoccupied that the pregnancy rumors could turn out true. Lea Michele is involved in a relationship with her co-star Cory Monteith, whom she met on the set of the show. Since the two seem to be bound by increasingly powerful feelings, producers constantly fear the two could change their minds about being a part of the series. They were all relieved by the ulterior declarations made by Lea’s reps.

Monteith’s character in the series, Finn, was confronted with a similar situation. He was the victim of a pregnancy scare when his partner on the show told him he was going to be a father. Luckily, he found out that the baby on “Glee” was not his just like the rumors about Lea Michele’s baby bump turned out to be false. 

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