Lea Michele Has Been Drinking since she was Toddler

During her latest interview with Chelsea Handler, Lea Michele has made some really interesting revelations. 

The famous actress claimed during her appearance at the Chelsea Late show that she has been drinking since she was a toddler. The 27-year old actress actually claimed that she thought drinking was something normal for everyone. 

“It makes me seem crazy! I’m Italian, so it was like, at the dinner table it would be Pellegrino, a jug of soda, and a huge thing of wine. So, everyone was just drinking wine, like it was part of, like, you know, what you would have along with your dinner,” Lea Michele said. 

The actress shared an experience she had in her teenage years. Lea claimed that when she was 17 she had dinner with her then boyfriend and his family and she asked for wine. The actress said that back then she was really surprised that no one offered her this beverage at dinner.  

Lea Michele also claimed that one of the most exciting moments for her was meeting President Barack Obama. In fact, she was so nervous about meeting the most powerful man in the world that she actually peed her pants. It was all because she laughed so hard. 

Lea Michele had many stories to tell Chelsea and many memories to share. The actress claimed that at the age of 13 she met a Hollywood manager who told her that at 15 she should get a nose job. Naturally, Lea never had such a surgery and the actress claimed that she never intended to take that advice. 

Lea Michele also promoted her latest book, which actually is a memoir. The book, Brunette Ambition tries to be a complex guide that offers readers some interesting tips on lifestyle, diet and exercise. Moreover, Lea seems to be quite focused on her career. Besides releasing a book, the singer has also worked at a new album. 

The latest album released by the star, Louder, currently is no 5 on Billboard. So, it seems that Lea Michele is doing quite well when it comes to her career. The actress also seems really happy. 

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