Lawyer Jay Edelson Suggests Erika Jayne’s Lifestyle Hasn’t Changed

Maintaining appearances. The lawyer Jay Edelson claimed that Erika Jayne’s lifestyle hasn’t changed in the wake of her divorce from her spouse Tom Girardi’s court issues.

“I mean there are reports that she’s making as much as $600,000 for the [Real Housewives of Beverly Hills] season,” Edelson declared during”Reality Life With Kate Casey “Reality Life With Kate Casey” podcast on Wednesday 13 October. “And she’s got her glam squad and, you know, we all have to cry along with her.”

The lawyer also addressed the reality show’s present housing situation and said, “The idea that you’re living in a $10,000 per month home is absolutely insulting. There are a lot of supporters but I doubt they’re all spending $10,000 per month living. I doubt a lot of them have glamour squads.”

The Pretty Mess author 50 years old, she made the news in December of 2020 when she as well as Tom, aged 82, were accused of taking funds meant for families of victims of a plane crash in an action brought from Edelson’s business. She was later accused of stealing $25 million as a result of her role in the bankruptcy proceedings in court, and court documents claim Tom’s previous firm, Girardi Keese, covered costs for Erika’s glamour as well as her PR team during their marriage.

Erika was the one who was divorced from Tom in the month of November, 2020 and has stated that she was unaware of the alleged illegal wrongdoings. Edelson however, has pointed out that the Housewife’s actions during Season 11 on the Bravo show are a bit suspect.

“This whole thing of]’Oh, I’ve got these houses that I’ve never ever heard of. Let me look up the location of these homes. It all is so insensitive,” the lawyer said on the podcast of Wednesday. “Her character her character is portraying, is that “I’m a millionaire and I’m not going to give an F. It’s completely perfect. This is fantastic. It’s great for reality television. However, it ends the second you took money from widows and children.”

Edelson stated that after Erika was conscious of the criminal saga around Tom her, she ought to be “changed tacks” and done something to help the victims.

“Maybe you’d like to take action to ensure that those individuals are fully embraced. You could take that step,” he added. “She could do a fundraiser in a second and pay off the $2 million in the judgment that are owed to these people.”

Edelson added that Erika’s revelations in Season 11 on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was helpful in their cases against her as well as Tom.

“This season of Real Housewives, as painful as it has been to watch — just because I’m watching through the eyes of the victims — it’s given us a lot of evidence,” the attorney stated in the podcast. “On TV, you can say whatever you want, under oath, you got to tell the truth.”

Even though the case against her is ongoing A source exclusively said to Us in the last month Erika is preparing for the 12th season of RHOBH and is planning to negotiate her salary based on her public appearances.

“The ratings were off the charts because of her story line and what she’s exposed,” an insider told the media in October. The insider also said that Erika is planning to “demand a high paycheck” when she returns for the series. “What she’s dealing with [regarding] Tom and the court is not over yet so you can only imagine what next season is going to bring.”

Us approached Erika’s team about Edelson’s comments.

Via US Magazine

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