Lauryn Hill’s Ex Will Marry Model Isabeli Fontana

Although Lauryn Hill’s romance with her ex, Rohan Marley, wasn’t exactly a Disney story, the news about the marriage has set the internet on fire. Many people have got all fired up about the news that Lauryn Hill’s ex, Rohan Marley will marry model Isabeli Fontana.

It’s likely that Rohan Marley became more famous due to his longtime romance with Lauryn Hill, than for being Bob Marley’s son. They’ve had quite a tormented relationship, with them dating on and off for 15 years. Since 1996 until 2011, Fugees singer Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley were a couple and had five children together, without once tying the knot.

So given how long the two of them have been together and their five children, it’s easy to understand why there are people outraged by his upcoming marriage to model Isabeli Fontana. Not to mention that the news about the marriage was first shared by the model herself, in Veja magazine.

Isabeli Fontana, now Rohan Marley’s fiancée, told the magazine the wedding is set to happen in Ethiopia, the birth place of the Rastafarian movement. “Rohan told me we have to return to the roots so the marriage will last forever” added the model.

Rohan Marley is quite a ladies’ man. The marriage to the 28-year-old model is going to be his second, but it’s not even his longest relationship. Not to mention, he is already a dad for seven kids: five with Lauryn Hill and two from his marriage to Geraldine Khawly.

But Isabeli isn’t at her first wedding also. She was married twice and has two sons. The first marriage to model Alvaro Jacomossi resulted in a Zion, now nine years old, while her second marriage, to Henri Castelli, left her with Lucas, now age 5.

Rohan and Isabeli are tying the knot a bit too soon, thinks the model’s mother. Maribel, Isabeli’s mother looks a bit concerned with how fast things seem to be going. “I think everything is happening too fast but everything has a different rhythm with Isabeli”.

Isabeli’s mom might be right, given that the couple has started dating last year, after Rohan called it quits with Lauryn Hill. Plus, there are also rumors that the two of them don’t meet that much. Isabeli lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Rohan in New York, U.S.

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