Lauren Lane and Chris Lane welcomed their son, Dutton: Here is the effect on their marriage

Comparing and contrast! Lauren Lane (nee Bushnell) and Chris Lane welcomed their son, Dutton, in June — and the child’s first arrival has had a profound impact on their marriage.

“I don’t know if it’s been, like, a strain, but there [have] definitely been times where I’ve had to apologize or he’s had to apologize,” the Bachelor alumni, 31 exclusively revealed to DailyGossip of the joys of motherhood when she promoted the Lauren Lane X Sonomo Goods for Life collection on the 20th of October on Wednesday. “For instance when he went on a tour number of times around a month ago, and, when he returned I was left alone with Dutton for several days of running around, trying to finish my work. And he said”Oh, my god I was aware that it would be difficult however, I didn’t be aware. And I’m sorry I was in a foreign country. I’m feeling so guilty.'”

The country star, who is 36, made his return on stage during July and went on to perform shows throughout September and August. Then, in January Chris plans to take to the road on the Fill Them Boots tour. “I’ve decided to shift a few of the dates in fall [2021] to 2022 which … lets me be with Lauren and Dutty even more during this special time in our lives,” Chris told his fans on Instagram on the 5th of October.

The Oregon native thanked him for his busy schedule and told Us, “It just is what it is.” The former flight attendant remarked that she along with her fellow North Carolina native are giving themselves “grace” while raising their 4 months-old baby as well as “extending that to each other.”

Their wedding was were married in October, 2019 were “sleep-deprived, stressed and anxious” with their son and occasionally “use a certain tone of voice that [they] normally wouldn’t” when talking to each other.

And, on top of that, Lauren explained to Us that she’s not felt herself since the arrival of Dutton because of postpartum anxiety.

“I tend to by nature be more of a worrier,” the Bachelor Nation member said. “You simply have a love for them that you’re determined to do everything to safeguard them. Sometimes, it gets to be an unhealthy anxiety which is exactly what I was experiencing. Therefore, I’m glad that I’m making the effort to be able to believe that he’ll be okay and rely on Chris and rely upon the help system I have. I’m feeling much better.”

The former ABC presenter is celebrating the Monday day, October 18, the official debut of the Lauren Lane X Sonomo Goods for Life collection, which is available exclusively at Kohl’s.

She confided to Us, “I really want to wear clothes that feel great in my body. … I want clothes that I am at ease in and that feel gentle on the skin of [Dutton’s]. I want to ensure that nothing is uncomfortable for Dutton. All the pieces have to be checked every box.”

The report is by Christina Garibaldi

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