Latest “Twilight:Breaking Dawn” trailer – check it out!

We have brought you the latest “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” trailer preview! Check it out! Baby bumps grow, tension is rising and a pack of hungry and wild wolves are threatening! Read about the exclusive footage that was recently released for the fans until the premiere of the most modern love story of our times.

A new “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” trailer preview teases the adorers of the franchise with some exclusive, never-before-seen images on what is about to be unleashed on November 18. And when we say “unleash”, we literally mean “unleash”.
The story we know so far is that Bella, a teenager that felt like an outsider all her life, decides to move with her father in a small town in the mountains. She attends the high school in the area and makes new friends. At the same time she rebounds with childhood friend Jacob, who is a Native American, and becomes fascinated with the strange group of the Cullens, the adopted children of Dr. Cullen. Later, she finds out that they are all vampires, but falls in love irremediably with Edward Cullen. The love is reciprocal, but a series of threats succumb their love story before it has the chance to begin. The Cullen clan moves out, leaving Bella devastated. At the end of the second part of the Saga, she finds out that Edward believes she is dead and is planning on taking his own life. In a desperate attempt to save him, she rushes into the vampire’s nest and is now forced to become one of them. She actually enjoys the outcome of things and can hardly wait to spend an eternity with her beloved one.

What we left out is that Jacob is in fact a werewolf, a mythical creature who was born hating the vampires and sees himself forced to give up Bella, with whom he is madly in love. Oh and, yes…a vampire army is gathering for a war.

The latest trailer completes the whimsical image of Edward and Bella’s wedding ceremony with a very different type of action that occurs afterwards. Bella’s pregnancy is far from being perfect. A tired and pale mother-to-be hears from Edward “”it’s crushing you from the inside out”, about her pregnancy. Jacob’s love for the girl is stronger than his blood legacy and decides to rescue her. In his attempt, he and his wolf pack attacks Edward.

Words are words, however. See the trailer preview below to get a new glimpse of the action. On September 13, we’ll give you the complete trailer. And get ready for the premiere on November 18.

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