Larry Page to Talk about Google’s Impact

Technology is without a doubt influencing all our lives. Google is considered to be one of the most powerful tools at the moment, offering advanced technology, as well as a series of tools to make our lives simpler. 

Google has been in continuous expansion and development, its ambitions also continuing to grow over the years. With a globally recognized influence, the power of Google cannot be denied. Larry Page agrees with the fact that Google and technology in general have an important influence over our lives. 

“I think technology is changing people’s lives a lot, and we’re feeling it,” Larry Page claimed. The co-founder and chief executive of Google made some interesting revelations during an interview at the recent tech event which took place in San Francisco, on Wednesday. During the same interview, Page claimed that the Android and Chrome are the two elements that will connect all devices in the future. 

This means that Google sees its operating system and web browser as the glue that can connect all devices. “We’ve been talking about a multiscreen world for a long time,” the chief executive of Google claimed. “I think you see it culminating in something that’s a great experience across lots of different kinds of devices, from the watch to the TV to the laptop to the tablet to the phone,” Larry Page also added. 

Larry Page also claimed to be sure that everyone will see their lives affected, although we may not know how. Actually, some people seem to think that the way Google is affecting people’s lives is actually not beneficial. So, a series of protesters have interrupted the most recent Google event. They are against the intrusion of Google in almost all aspects of our lives.

The tech giant hosted an event for programmers who are fans of Google, on Wednesday. This event was interrupted by protesters, who blame Google for a series of things. However, what is certain is that Google has brought numerous revolutionary changes. The most recent release of the company is the first smartwatch which runs the Google Android Wear platform, which has already become available in the Google Play store.

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