Larry King Debuts Hulu.com Show

Talk about an advantageous business partnership. Carlos Slim, the Mexican media tycoon, and Larry King, most popular talk show host of all times, are working on a joint project. 19 months after the “Larry King Live” talk show had its last episode, Larry King debuts Hulu.com show.

As of this Monday night, Larry King is back! But it’s not your conventional TV show you should expect. The talk show host is taking it to the next level and joins the digital age with a series on Hulu.com. From Mondays through Thursdays, Hulu.com streams new Larry King content.

For some time now, Hulu.com grew to become an important “second window” for a lot of TV talk shows. You’ve got “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” as well as “The Colbert Report” all ready to stream content online. Obviously, Larry King’s show will soon be at the top of most watched videos list on Hulu.

From the looks of it, the talk show host is quite excited about his new project. “I have always been driven to innovate, from my time on radio, to the first call-in show on national television, to being an early adopter of online columns and Twitter” explains the media phenomenon.

“I am thrilled about our partnership with Hulu” added Larry King. “I love being able to interact directly with audiences, and digital TV allows me to do this in news and powerful ways” reads King’s statement.

Andy Forssell, senior vp content for Hulu, said the partnership with Ora TV, Carlos Slim’s company, is an exciting chance “to bring fans a daily dose of fascinating interviews from a man whose characteristic charm and distinctive style has impacted pop culture so greatly”.

“Ora.Tv represents a great opportunity” said Carlos Slim in a previous statement. “The business model is sound and the team brings the talent and industry understanding that will help Ora stand out in digital television, a category which is primed for exponential growth”.

On the overall, as Forssell said of “Larry King Now” expect to see the talk show host “talking with top newsmakers, world leaders and entertainers and exploring issues and current events as no other interviewer can”.

Larry King’s Hulu debut show was a half-hour long interview during which he talked with Seth MacFarlane, Matthew McConaughey and Meghan McCain.

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