Larry Hagman: “Playing J.R. Is Like Coming Home”

Larry Hagman released an interview for Reuters explaining reporters how it felt to play J.R. again. The actor was very pleased to get in the character’s cowboy boots; in fact, he confessed that “playing J.R. was like coming home”.

Larry Hagman’s fans will be able to see him again in the “Dallas” series that made him famous. The actor will join Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy for a new season of the 1980s serial that will start airing on June 13 on TNT. During his interview with Reuters reporters, the interpreter of J.R. confessed that he was incredibly pleased to hear that “Dallas” will be broadcast again. In fact, the 80-year-old actor didn’t even read the script; he took the offer as soon as he heard that Duffy and Linda Gray will be on the show, too.

Hagman further added that it was nice to play J.R. Ewing again. He interpreted this character for so long that he believes the two are one and the same person. When Larry put his boots and his 10-gallon cowboy hat, he felt “like coming home” because he grew very close to this character. As much as he likes playing this part, Larry hates the fact that he has to wear cowboy boots. He has always found them uncomfortable, but he, nevertheless, managed to wear them by getting a pair that is two sizes bigger and by walking short distances with them. The actor further revealed that he used to take the cowboy boots off whenever they were filming close-ups.

Despite the fact that Hagman was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of the filming, he succeeded in showing up at all the shows. Producers have been sympathetic, too, as they allowed him to take several weeks off when he needed rest.

Larry Hagman thinks the new season of “Dallas” will be just as successful as the first series. He believes the new generations of actors will attract young viewers, whereas the members of the original cast will appeal to the built-in audience that was formed generations ago.

He concluded the interview by saying that even though he plays the part of a Texas oil baron, Larry has always been a strong supporter of alternative energy. He first used propane for his cars 40 years ago and his Ojai, California house is using solar power.

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