Large Sodas Banned In New York City

CNN reports that large sodas have been banned in New York City after the Board of Health expressed their votes on Thursday. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in favor of the new measure because he thinks this will help Americans fight obesity and diseases.

Six months from now, eateries in New York City will no longer be allowed to sell sodas or sugary drinks that come in cans bigger than 16 ounces. The measure was adopted by the Board of Health after eight people voted in favor of the new rule and one refrained from expressing his belief. Despite the criticism that the Board of Health is expected to face in the upcoming period, the members of the commission think the ban was necessary to cut down the large percentage of obese people.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has released a statement saying that he is in favor of the large soda ban. He enlisted more or less the same reasons presented by the members of the Board of Health, that is, “obesity is one of America’s most deadly problems, and sugary beverages are a leading cause of it”. The size of Americans’ waistline seems to be directly proportionate with the size of the sugary beverage they consume. As a consequence, Bloomberg thinks banning these noxious drinks will help Americans stay fit and healthy.

Consumers and companies in the soda industry were, nevertheless, very displeased with the Board of Health’s decision. The majority of them have stated that America is a free country and every consumer should be allowed to choose whatever product they think it’s best for them. Big companies worry that the ban could affect their revenue in the long run because their marketing strategies have been limited. They also fear that similar measures could be adopted in relation to other products, such as, hamburgers, pizzas, etc.

The Mayor justified his position by presenting the New York City’s health report. He stated that around 58% of the adult population of the city is considered obese or overweight. Moreover one in eight adults is suffering from diabetes.

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