Lana Del Ray Dates Francesco Carrozzini

Famous singer Lana Del Ray is dating Vogue photographer Francesco Carrozzini. Apparently, the star and the Italian photographer are quite happy together. 

The news on this new celebrity couple comes as it has earlier been revealed that Lana Del Rey has separated from her boyfriend Barrie James O’Neil. Shortly after ending her relationship with O’Neil, Lana was seen looking really happy with Carrozzini. Reports reveal that the two have enjoyed some beautiful dates in Los Angeles and New York during the last month. 

Some sources actually claim that Lana and Carrozzini are very serious about this romance and things are great between the two. A source who talked with the New York Daily News said that Lana was so anxious to see her new boyfriend that she actually visited him in New York City. “She came off her tour to see him in New York. Even his ex, Katherine Keating, knows they’re a couple,” the source revealed. 

Well, if Lana Del Ray and Francesco Carrozzini are really a couple, as reports reveal, this news might be quite shocking for many people, including Lana’s former boyfriend. In fact, Barrie James O’Neil has claimed in various occasions that things are going well between him and Lana and they are still a couple. Maybe, Barrie had no idea that things are actually over between him and his former girlfriend. 

“It’s not over. It’s not over. Don’t believe what you read, it’s not over. It’s just stories, bedtime stories”, Barrie claimed when being asked about the relationship with Lana. Moreover, the famous rocker said that he and Lana have some plans together. He revealed that the two singers are working at a new album, Ultraviolence, which will be out soon. The project is expected to be great. 

Well, if Barrie has claimed that the two stars are still a couple, last week Lana revealed during an interview that she separated from her rocker boyfriend. Lana said that she just wanted to feel free and actually this is the reason why she separated from Barrie. The beautiful singer claimed that he is a wonderful person. “But there are some things with which he has to deal. I will not explain it in detail. This was hard on our relationship, I no longer felt free. We’ll see how it goes,” Lana claimed.  

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