Lamar Odom Wants his Wife Back

For several months it has been claimed that Lamar Odom was not over Khloe Kardashian and he actually wanted her back. Now, the star decided to confirm all these rumors. So, Lamar would like to get back together with his former wife Khloe. 

Lamar made this statement during an interview on The Doctors. The famous former NBA star also talked about his rehab treatment and his future plans. Lamar Odom has recently completed a month-long treatment in an US facility. Now, it seems that Lamar wants to be focusing on his personal life and he surely wants Khloe to be part of this life. 

Lamar and Khloe finalized their divorce about one month ago, although they have been separated for quite some time. Despite that, Lamar is not over his former wife and would do anything to make things work with her. And it appears that Lamar was not afraid to admit that he wanted his former wife to be part of his life again. 

Lamar talked about his plans following his rehab stint and revealed that his interests are focused on his personal life. “Going forward, when you look at your life ahead of you, what are you looking forward to?” the former NBA star was asked. “Umm, honestly, I want my wife back,” he simply answered. 

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian have definitely made a lot of headlines with their relationship in the past few years. The two wedded back in 2009 and remained a married couple for several years. However, Lamar’s troubles ended up destroying the marriage. After a cheating scandal and Lamar’s ongoing addiction struggle, Khloe decided to file for divorce. 

She first filed the divorce papers in 2013. However, the famous Keeping Up with the Kardashians star decided to call off the divorce in 2015, when Lamar was found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada. He underwent treatment and Khloe was by his side. However, when he started to feel better, Khloe decided once again to file the divorce papers. And the marriage officially ended in December. 

Well, it remains unknown if Khloe has any intentions in getting back together with Lamar. She surely seems to have moved on and is currently dating Tristan Thompson.

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