Lady Gaga Wants to have a Baby

Previous rumors indicated that famous singer Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Taylor Kinney were planning their wedding. Well, according to the latest rumors, the two have decided to postpone their wedding plans and focus on starting a family. So, the rumors indicated that Gaga wants to have a child first and only then get married. 

The news was reported by Life & Style magazine, which claimed that Gaga has already stopped taking birth control pills and wants a baby as soon as possible. The singer is trying to get pregnant and she won’t go one with the wedding plans until this will happen. 

“GaGa is off birth control and trying to get pregnant. She’s joked that she wants a ‘Little Monster’ of her very own,” a source said according to the celebrity site. “She knows a wedding is in the future. But she’s finding planning a baby to be a whole lot easier,” the same insider explained. The report indicated that Gaga is trying her best to create the perfect environment to conceive. 

Allegedly, she hired a private chef that is preparing only fertility-friendly foods for her and her fiancé. She also plans on making the right adjustments into one room of her mansion to turn it into a nursery. And that may not be all. Gaga has also tried to get informed on anything that might help her conceive fast and stay healthy. 

“She’s been doing tons of research about folic acid, calcium and iron and has religiously started taking prenatal vitamins,” the source claimed. The singer and her actor boyfriend have not directly talked about the new rumors. However, as always, a Gossip Cop report dismissed the claims. The magazine claimed that it talked with a rep for the famous singer, who said that the claims were completely untrue. 

Lady Gaga has not publicly expressed her desire to become a mom. In fact, she previously claimed that she wanted to do something to make the world better before becoming a mom. Gaga explained that she wanted to “put as many good things into the world as possible” for her upcoming child to be proud of her.

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