Lady Gaga Throws Up During Barcelona Concert

Lady Gaga pulled off a Justin Bieber on stage this weekend. The Monster Queen threw up during a Barcelona concert, but she kept the show going and even poked fun at herself.

Tabloid media might joke about it, saying Justin Bieber launched a new celebrity trend: vomiting on stage. But it might just be these stars are pushed to their limits and actually get sick and throw up over some looming health issue than drinking milk. Sir Elton John warned Lady Gaga is pushing herself to the edge and here’s the proof: Lady Gaga threw up on stage during a concert in Barcelona.

Lady Gaga was at the beginning of a performance of “Edge of Glory” during a concert in Barcelona, when she got sick. There’s even a video of Lady Gaga puking on stage that already went viral. The Monster Queen is standing with her back to the audience while a dancer does his routine next to her.  When she throws up for the first time, the dancer slides behind her while Lady Gaga keeps vomiting for three other times.

What’s impressive is that Lady Gaga didn’t stop for a beat. The video shows her almost coordinating her vomiting with the dance moves. It’s an impressive performance, that’s for sure. On Monday, Lady Gaga even poked fun at herself for getting sick on stage.

“Was praying nobody saw but actually its quite a good laugh if u need one! Check out Lady PukeGa doing Swan ‘Vomit Lake’”, Lady Gaga tweeted. “I still hit my routing mom!!:)” the Monster Queen added. “Thank goodness for the Dorchester…I need some tea, I think I just cried a little watching that” Lady Gaga confessed.

It might just be that Lady Gaga vomited on stage because she indulged herself in delicious Spanish dishes. A few hours before her concert in Barcelona, Lady Gaga tweeted she was having the time of her life, eating Paella. “I love it here so much, my view is beautiful I’m gon rock Barcelone!” she added.

Whereas food might be the culprit in Lady Gaga’s vomiting episodes, it’s hard not to recall Sir Elton John being concerned for his friend’s health condition. He was worried Lady Gaga is pushing herself too much. Coincidence or not, Lady Gaga arrived an hour late Sunday in London for her Lady Gaga Fame perfume launch.

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