Lady Gaga Tattoos Her Newly Shaved Head

After shaving part of her head in honor of Terry Richardson’s deceased mother, Lady Gaga decided to do something special for the launch of her perfume “Fame”. According to Us Weekly, the artist tattooed her newly shaved head while the guests at the launching party were watching her.

We were finally able to find out the real reason behind Lady Gaga’s decision to shave part of her head: the artist wanted to get a new tattoo and didn’t know where to place it. Turns out, the so-called act of bravery she did in the name of Terry Richardson’s late mother was actually a well-thought marketing scheme. The singer made sure everyone would buy her new perfume by tattooing the back of her head during the launching party of her new fragrance “Fame” which was held in Guggenheim Museum in NYC.

Lady Gaga’s entrance at the launching party was just as unusual as the show she performed for the amusement of the audience. For this occasion, she opted for a black gown signed by designer Prabal Gurung and wore a black elegant wig, as opposed to the eccentric hairstyles we have seen so far. The 26-year-old interpreter was sitting atop a vintage black convertible when she showed up at the party. She remained motionless for several minutes when the car stopped, and then she went inside the museum ignoring guests like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Yoko Ono.

Gaga didn’t interact much with her guests during the party as she was placed in a giant perfume bottle throughout the whole time. The singer prepared herself for the application of the tattoo by drinking several tequila shots and smoking a bunch of cigarettes to ease the pain. A new outfit was required for the special occasion; therefore, the “Born This Way” interpreter was dressed as a gray-haired man with a white shirt and suspenders.

At the end of the party, the guests were able to admire the singer’s new tattoo. The image represents a Statue of Liberty-esque cherub with wings. Guests were very pleased with the show, especially Paris Hilton who told the press that Lady Gaga was probably the best person to launch a fragrance because she is very popular and people will buy the product in order to look like her.

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