Lady Gaga’s New Airbrushed Vogue Cover Leads To Outrage

Us Weekly reports that Lady Gaga’s new airbrushed Vogue cover has led to outrage considering that the artist has always encouraged her fans to be themselves. The singer’s look was visibly modified by the publication making her look less curvy and more attractive.

Artists and stars seem to have a different conception about ‘being natural’. Lady Gaga has always portrayed herself as an advocate of ‘weird and awkward people’ claiming that she was always bullied in high school for her unusual behavior. However, when it comes to taking part in a special photo shoot for Vogue’s September issue, even Lady Gaga makes inroads into Photoshop to improve her physical aspect.

The recent image that was created for the September issue of Vogue magazine is the best example in this case. The singer looks incredibly slender and sexy in the airbrushed version, whereas the video that was filmed during the photo shoot reveals a much curvier version of the singer. The other fashion magazines were the first to signal the modifications that have been made in the artist’s look reminding everyone that airbrushing techniques could have a negative impact on young readers.

Even more disturbing was the singer’s attitude towards the magazine. Some celebrities, including Britney Spears, have already imposed magazines to release un-airbrushed pictorials as a protest against modified images. Lady Gaga, on the other hand, seems to carry fire in one hand and water in the other. Even though she founded the “Born This Way” foundation, the singer has approved the airbrushed cover; thus, drawing harsh criticism against herself.

Amy Odell from Buzzfeed wrote on her blog that the magazine shouldn’t have even bothered to make a photo shoot given that they prefer to place photo illustrations on their covers. She further added that the discrepancies between the two pics are too big to go unnoticed.

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