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Lady Gaga’s Fragrance “Fame” Branded As Innovative

Lady Gaga has managed to break all boundaries not just in the music, but also in the cosmetics industry. Her new fragrance “Fame” was branded as innovative by the Coty chief executive officer.

Whether she conquers the hearts of her fans or she makes everyone hate her, Lady Gaga’s success is entirely based on her unprecedented attitude. She has raised numerous controversies by now thanks to her downright shocking lyrics and her fashion and makeup style.

Yet, the singer won’t stop here. She announced a while ago that she will be releasing a new fragrance, “Fame”, which will most likely mirror her unique personality. Some of her plans were too big for us to handle as the “Born This Way” singer stated that the perfume will display notes of blood and semen. In the end, she opted for a different fragrance formula that is, nevertheless, just as innovative as the initial one.

According to Coty’s chief executive officer, Mr Beetz, Gaga’s perfume has many reasons to be branded as one of the most original beauty product in the past decades. First of all, the color of the fragrance is unique because “Fame” is the first black perfume. Customers don’t have to worry as the eau becomes invisible once airborne.

Second of all, “Fame” is the first perfume that doesn’t have top, middle and bottom notes. Steve Mormoris, Coty’s marketing senior VP explained that the notes of the fragrance are no longer arranged in a certain order; on the contrary, various flowery and fruity scents surface randomly depending on the person who wears it. Thus, the perfume undergoes various metamorphoses in time, but the notes remain harmonious no matter what. The new technology used by the singer in the creation of “Fame” was described by Coty as “push-pull”.

The fragrance contains notes of poisonous Belladonna plant, honey, saffron, apricot nectar, tiger orchid and jasmine sambac. It is a dark perfume because it represents the black soul of fame, according to the singer’s declaration.

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