Lady Gaga is Really Happy

Famous singer Lady Gaga recently claimed that she is truly happy. The popular star is surely having a great success in her career, but it seems that Gaga is happy in her personal life, too. 

“I’ve very centered now. I meditate a lot. I’m happy. I am more sober than I’ve ever been,” the famous singer said in a recent interview. “It’s a very happy time in my life,” the star added. “Part of what was making my sort of artistic experience so unpleasant was that I felt that I was not able to truly freely fly as an artist,” Gaga went on to explain. “In some ways my talents were not being used to their full potential,” the popular star claimed. 

So, what Gaga shared in her new interview is the fact that she in a happy state of mine and she is focused on her career. Actually, Lady Gaga claimed that this happier state of mind is actually linked to her collaboration with Tony Bennett, with whom Gaga is currently working at the album Cheek to Cheek. The new album will be out on Tuesday, it has been revealed. 

Lady Gaga currently is on tour, the star actually being on an international tour that will end on November 24. The star’s need to ensure fans that she is happy came after some previous statements she made, which indicated that Gaga actually was really said. Last year, the popular singer parted ways with her longtime manager, Troy Cater. 

This has been a difficult moment for the singer, as Carter has actually been there when she achieved worldwide fame. Back then, Lady Gaga said that she was very unhappy. Luckily, the singer managed to move on and find success in her career. 

Moreover, Gaga has recently been busy working at a new commercial. The star is featured in a sexy commercial for her latest fragrance, which is set to be released on Friday. The famous 28 year old singer is surrounded by naked men in this new project. Naturally, this already is a controversial appearance of the star, but this is exactly what Gaga has always shown.

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