Lady Gaga Is Naked In Fame Perfume Ad

When it comes to Lady Gaga, the best way to develop a successful marketing campaign is to spark controversy. Lady Gaga is at it again, giving her breakthrough in the cosmetics industry all she’s got. In this case, it’s looking awesome without wearing any clothes. Yes, Lady Gaga is naked in “Fame” perfume ad.

For the most part, Lady Gaga is one performer that knows what attention-grabbing means. She’s done things that many celebrities today don’t even dare to think about and successfully wore clothes and dresses that other stars would have sent to the garbage. But that’s what makes Lady Gaga so appreciated. She’s not ashamed to show off her naked body and be just as bizarre as she is in everyday life.

Obviously not your average fashionista, when it comes to Lady Gaga nothing is conventional. Her latest photo for her perfume’s marketing campaign is just a good enough proof. Lady Gaga is barely covered by little men. She lounges fully naked, wearing only a face mask and with miniature men trying to conquer her (we guess).

The unconventional photo is the work of photographer Steven Klein. Lady Gaga herself released the photo on Twitter this Monday. “I won’t lie I’m a bit nervous. Its been a while since I’ve shared some work with you” she said. “But I’m so proud of Steven+I, we really did not sleep” Lady Gaga tweeted before revealing her black-and-white naked ad for “Fame”.

Branded as “The First Ever Black Eau de Parfum”, Lady Gaga described her unconventional fragrance to an Australian radio last year as what “an expensive hooker” would smell like. Well, that’s not exactly the line that would make most women buy a perfume.

Lady Gaga said the perfume carries some almost horrifying ingredients: blood and semen. But don’t worry, she says the perfume “doesn’t smell like it”. “You just get sort of the after feeling of sex from the semen and blood is sort of primal. And the blood was taken from my own blood sample so it’s like a sense of having me on your skin” added Lady Gaga.

But leaving horror stories aside, the perfume’s label reads there’s some belladonna, tiger orchidea, apricot, saffron and honey drops.

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